Edo Photos エドフォト

Pinhole and Natural Life Photography

Edward Levinson CV - updated Nov. 20, 2017 日本語版こちらへ

Born: 1953, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Nationality: U.S.A. Living in Japan since 1979.
Profession: Photographer/Essayist. Lectures and presents workshops on Pinhole Photography.

Association Membership: Pinhole Resource, San Lorenzo, New Mexico. The Photographic Society of Japan. (PSJ). Pinhole Photographic Art Society, Japan (PPAS).
The Japan P.E.N. Club.
http://www.edophoto.com http://www.edophotobiz.com http://www.whisperoftheland.com

Studied photography at Virginia Commonwealth University. Printing Workshop with John Sexton.
Pinhole Workshop with Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer, Santa Fe. Newport University, B.A. Human Behavior.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2017, "Timescapes Japan", Olympus Gallery Tokyo, special show chosen show for the Month of Photography in Tokyo 2017
2015, "Writing with Light", Meriken Gallery and Cafe, Kobe JAPAN
2015, "Whisper of the Land" , Art Gallery M84 Tokyo Higashi Ginza
2014, “Beauty and Symbolism in the City”, Olympus Gallery Osaka
2014, “Beauty and Symbolism in the City”, Olympus Gallery Tokyo
2014, “Visual Memoir”, Tosei Gallery, Nakano Tokyo
2014, “Mind Games”, Gallery Schiele, Chikura Japan
2012, Selections From the “Mind Games” Series, Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa, Kyoto
2012, Selections From the “Mind Games” Series, Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan. Tokyo
2012, “Mind Games” Part 2, EIZO Galleria Ginza Tokyo
2012, “Japan My Beloved Country” Fine Photo Gallery ENTRE DEUX at Four Seasons Hotel & Chinzan-so, Tokyo
2011, “Mind Games”, Crossroad Gallery, Tokyo
2010, “Light of the Earth Special Edition 10” Gallery Malle, Tokyo
2009, "Garden on the Hilltop", Yaesu Book Center Gallery, Tokyo
2009, "Pinhole Sampler", Itabashi Science Museum, Tokyo
2008, "Landscapes" and "Silhouette Stories", Municipal Museum, Mombetsu Hokkaido Japan
2008, "Healing Landscapes", Gallery Schiele, Chikura Japan
2007, "Silhouette Stories", Gallery Ississ, Kyoto
2007, "Edo San's Pinhole Exhibition" Nadar/Shibuya, Tokyo
2006, "Heartgraphy”, Roonee 247 Photography, Yotsuya Tokyo
2006, "Silhouette Stories", Goraku Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2005, "Timescapes", Nadar/Shibuya, Tokyo
2005, "Essence Of Being" Gallery Haneusagi, Kyoto
2004, “Healing Landscapes” Gallery Hiroba, Tokyo
2004, “Landscapes of the Heart”, Takashimaya Roof Gallery Tokyo
2004, “Watching and Waiting”, Goraku Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2002, "Shadows Talk", Goraku Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2001, "Healing Landscapes", Furushima Gallery, Chiba, Japan
2001, "Suiten Mugen - Infinite Water", Gallery Mayu, Tokyo
2001, "Camera Obscura", Hungarian Museum of Photography,
kecskemet, Hungary
2000, "Pinhole Photographs of Japan" Manggha Center for Japanese
Art and Technology, National Museum Krakow, Poland
2000, "Essence Of Being", Goraku Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
1999, "As Time Goes By", Tokyo Photographic Culture Center, Stage
1999, "Europe Deja vu", Prinz the gallery, Kyoto
1998, "Pinhole Photographs", Metal Museum, Chiba, Japan
1998, "Cityscapes", Gallery Ississ, Kyoto
1998, "Healing Landscapes", Yufuin Museum of Art, Oita Pref. Kyushu
1998, "Cityscapes", Egg Gallery, Tokyo
1998, "Healing Landscapes and Sacred Japan", Sunshine City, Tokyo
1998, "Healing Landscapes", Cosmo Gallery, Osaka
1997, "Healing Landscapes", Furushima Gallery, Chiba, Japan
1996, "Sacred Japan - Myth or Reality?", Gallery Ississ, Kyoto
1996, "Healing Landscapes", Prinz the gallery, Kyoto
1996, "Healing Landscapes", Egg Gallery, Tokyo
1995, "Healing Landscapes", Daimaru Dept. Store, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2017, monochrome XIV Group Exhibition Tokyo
2016, "Soft Light, Gentle Time" Chofu Culture Community Center, Tokyo (Three person show)
2014-2-15 “Poetics of Light”, “Palace of the Governors Photo Archives at the New Mexico History Museum” Santa Fe New Mexico.
2012, Highlight Exhibition, Fine Photo Gallery ENTRE DEUX at Four Seasons Hotel & Chinzan-so, Tokyo
2012, Pinhole Photographic Art Society Group Show, Hokkaido
2012, “Tokyo Ga Meets New York Photo Festival”, New York
2011-12 “Tokyo Ga” Gallery 21 Tokyo
2011, “Original Landscapes of Japan”, Two-man show Gallery 21 Gran Pacific Hotel Tokyo
2009 "Everlasting Memory" Three person show, Art Point Gallery, Ginza Tokyo
2009, "Senza Lenti" Invitational Group Show celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Day, Rovereto, Italy (also shown in Florence Italy at ACSAF – Archivio Contemporaneo Stampa d’Arte Fotografica)
2009, “Interface” Invitational Pinhole Artist Group Show, Kyoto
2008-2009, "Ever Present Past" Three person show, New Saxony Gallery, Chemnitz Germany
2008, "Healing Landscapes" in two person show. Ichihara Museum of Sculpture, Chiba Japan
2007, "Pinhole Planet", International Invitational Group show, Kyoto
2007, International "Flying Pinhole" project, Doubs France
2007, " Timeless Perspectives", 2 man show, White Canvas Gallery, Richmond VA USA
2005, “Circles of Confusion” Juried Group Show, DeSantos Gallery, Houston, Texas USA
2004, “Slow Visions”, Invitational Pinhole Photography Show, Norway
2003-4,"Taken in Hungary, Specialties of Hungarian Photography - A
Country Mirrored by Foreign Photographers" Hungarian Museum of Photography
Kescemet Hungary
2003, "Marubi 2003" National Gallery Of Arts Bulevardi Tirana, Albania
Mirabai, Invitational Pinhole Show
2003, "Pure Light - Southern Pinhole Photography", Southeast Center for Contemporary Art
Winston-Salem North Carolina USA
2000, "Those Who Came, A View of Hungary Through the Lenses of Foreign
Photographers", Oct., Hungarian Museum Of Photography, kecskemet, Hungary
2000, "Stenotograhie", Bibliotheque municipale de Lille, France
2000, "Cityscapes", two person show , Cudahy’s Gallery Richmond, Virginia
1999, "Lightbox", Pinhole Invitational Show, LBCC, Albany, Oregon
1996, "20 Artists from 8 Countries", Int. Group Exhibition, Funabashi, Chiba, Japan
1995, "Awakening the Spirit", Felissimo Art Space, New York City.
1995, "Camera Concepts", Cudahy's Gallery, Richmond, Virginia. USA
1995, "Sound Of the Earth", two man exhibition, Gallery Mayu, Tokyo.

Short Movie “Tokyo Story”
Honorable Mention for “Best Cinematography” from the LOS ANGELES FILM REVIEW INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS 2015
Open Door Short Film Showcase" 2015 Official Selection and Golden Key Award
Best Shorts Competition 2015 Award of Recognition
Official Selection Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival
Short Movie “Manhattan Mashup”
Award of Recognition in the Experimental Category from The IndieFEST Film Awards
PX3 2007, First Place Award for Category Book/other “Timescapes Japan”
Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Krakow Poland
Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemet, Hungary
The Mariners Museum, Newport News Virginia
Graham Nash/Nash Editions
Child Savers Art Collection, Richmond Virginia
Collection of Julia J. Norell,
Pinhole Resource at Palace of the Governors Photo Archives at the New Mexico History Museum.”New Mexico,
Capitol One Art Collection, USA
Chesapeake Capital Corporation, Virginia
Various private collections

Fine Art Photo Book and Solo Essays Publications:
2006, "Timescapes Japan", Nippon Camera-Sha (Photo Monograph)
2007, "Edo's Lessons in Pinhole Photography - Photography for Slow Life" Iwanami Publishers (Essays)
2011, “My Way of Planting - Cultivating a Life in Japan” Iwanami Publishers (Essays)
2014, "Whisper of the Land", Fine Line Press 2017, "Moments in the Light", Solo Hill Books (small photobook)

Commissioned Book Publications in collaboration with Shizuka Tsuruta (not pinhole):
2011 “Blessings and Food from the Garden” Asahi Publishing Co. Tokyo
2009 "The Garden on the Hilltop - A Flower Almanac", Tankosha, Kyoto
2006, “Living the Organic Life, part 2”, Bunka Publishing Co.
2004, “Mother Earth Natural Cooking”, Toyo Shorin
2003, “Iki, iki Cooking” (Vegetarian Cookbook), NHK Publishing Co.
2000, “Photo Book of Seasonal Wild Flowers”, Bunka Publishing Co.
1994, “Living the Organic Life”, Shibata Shoten
1994, “Decorating with Wild Flowers”, Ie No Hikari Kyokai
1994, “First Nature with Kids: Growing Vegetables for Beginners”, Iwanami Shoten
1991, “Mother Earth Kitchen”, Shibata Shoten

Selected Other Publications (Photographs and Interviews):

2016, 10 page photo essay, "Pin-Holy Nights", Nipoon Camera Magazine, May
2015, 7 page photo essay, “Paris on the Move”, Nippon Camera Magazine Jan. issue
2014, “Bises” “Monet’s Garden, Art of Tranquility” Fall issue, Japanese gardening magazine
2012, 8 pages, New York street photography, Nippon Camera Magazine Aug issue
2011, 7 Pages of color lens photographs featured in Nippon Camera Magazine June issue
2010, Interview-Discussion Japanese magazine “Photo-Con”
2009, Ebisu Style Magazine Summer issue, "Teaching interview"
2008, 8 Pages of color lens photographs featured in Nippon Camera Magazine May issue
2007, Black and White Magazine, Issue 51, Book review of Timescapes Japan
2006, Nippon Camera, 8 pages, Fears and Hopes diorama series
2004, Monthly Photo column in Nippon Camera – 12 issues
2004, Nippon Camera, Cover photo Jan. issue
2004, Jan. Two Pages in Nippon Camera, Self Portrait Special
2003, Cover of the Japanese translation of the book "Love And Courage", by Hugh Prather.
Nine more photos are used inside the book and on the back cover.
2003, August, Wingspan Inflight magazine All Nippon Airways, three pages in “Gallery”
2002, July. Two pages in Nippon Camera, Pinhole Special
2000, July, "Haha no Tomo", (Japanese parenting magazine) 9 page pinhole essay
2000, July, "Nippon Camera" (Japanese photo magazine) 6 page pinhole portfolio
2000, June, Richmond Times Dispatch, interview
2000, March, "Asahi Camera" (Japanese photo magazine) 5 page pinhole portfolio
1999, Nov., "Photo", (Japanese graphic magazine) pinhole photo essay/interview
1999, Miyazawa Kenji, The Vegetarian, Shobunsha (book cover photo + 8 B+W images)
1999, August, Daily Yomiuri Newspaper, photos and interview
1999, July, "Tide" (black and white photo magazine) 13 page pinhole photo portfolio
1999, March, "Pacific Friend", graphic magazine, 5 page pinhole photo essay
1998 April, "Nippon Camera", pinhole photo portfolio
1998 April, "Asahi Camera", Interview
1998, March, Japan Times Newspaper, interview
1997, "Nature Land" Magazine, Pinhole Cover Photo Series, six issues
1997-1998, "Nikkei 0-1" computer magazine, pinhole photo series, five issues
1997, Kyoto Journal No. 34, Cover and back, pinhole photo images
1997, June, "Pacific Friend", graphic magazine, 5 page pinhole photo essay
1997, Ima Shizen wo Ikiru, Iwanami Shoten (book cover photo and 8 B+W images)
1997, Midori No Kurashi ni Iyasarete, Daiwa Shobo (cover photo, + 7 B+W images)
1996, April, "Asahi Camera", Interview
1995- 97, "Yuobika" Magazine, Makino Publ., 15 month Pinhole Photo essay series,
1994-1995, "Country Living" Magazine, Takarajimasha, Cover Photo series
1986, Nature Meditations, Tama Publishing Co.

Television, Radio, Internet Features (Interviews and photographs):
2012, NHK World “Journeys in Japan” worldwide broadcast June 26
2011, Sony “My Club” website feature article and interview
2011, NHK Educational, Countrywide program teaching pinhole to children
2010, BS Asahi, “Green Life” Photographer/Artist Profile
2007, Nikon Web Gallery Feature
2007, NHK-Chiba , News Interview FM Radio Talk show
2007, NHK, Countrywide News Interview AM Radio Talk show
2007, NHK, News Interview TV
2004, Hayama Beach FM, Interview
2003, Yokohama Bay FM, Interview
2000, Fuji TV, Marco Polo"s Children
1999, NHK, Kono Subarashiki mono tachi (These Wonderful Things)
1999, NHK, Chisana Tabi (Local Journey)
1999, Chiba TV, Nanohana Bito (Celebrity profile)
1998, TV Tokyo, News interview
1998, NHK, News Interview
1997, NHK, Taiyo no Shokutaku, (Lifestyle and career profile)
1998, Tokyo Bay Wave FM radio, interview

Pinhole Workshops and lectures taught at:
Sunshine City/ GIP Tokyo
Tokyo Photographic Culture Center
Metal Art Museum, Chiba, Japan
International Children’s Museum, Shimane, Japan
Mai Mano House of Photography, Budapest Hungary, (Lecture)
Yufuin Museum of Art, Kyushu, Japan
Prinz the gallery, Kyoto
Ississ Gallery, Kyoto
Takashimaya Department Store, Fukutamagawa, Tokyo
Kyoto International School
Itabashi Science Museum, Tokyo
Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo - guest teacher lecture
Nippon Photo Printing, Kyoto

Sponsorship and Cooperation:
Nippon Polaroid
Agfa Japan
Epson Sales Japan
PCM Takeo (Japanese paper manufacturer)
Nikon Professional Services
Fuji Film
Olympus Japan
Ricoh Japan
Canon Japan
Eizo Japan

Gallery Representation (non-exclusive):
Office Goraku Gallery, Tokyo
Klee Inc, Tokyo