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Updated June 17, 2013

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Another experimental short 1 minute video. Something positive in remembrance of the 2nd anniversary of the 3/11 Disaster in Japan.


I did a Pinhole Day Workshop in Tokyo again this year. It is the first workshop I’ve done in a long time! We all had a good time. You can see the results here.
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day had 3426 entries from 75 countries this year.


WPPD Pinhole Day Workshop April 28th

On 4/20, - My long-time assistant helped people to make their own pinhole cameras in preparation for shooting on the next day.
On 4/28, I led the workshop where we took photos with pinhole cameras, and had a wet darkroom setup for developing and printing paper negative. I gave group and individual instructions so beginners and advanced were both welcome. I also be “lecturing” about technique - how to and why to - and showing examples from my own portfolio.

For more details in Japanese see DM Flyer.
For info in English
contact me or contact Roonee, the gallery sponsoring the workshop.
[247 photography Roonee] : 03-3341-8118  mosimosi@roonee.com


Another Experimental Video Posted


“Looking For the Sun” 

(Healing Landscapes Series)
View on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joq-XWoJyO0

Experimental Video Posted


“Winter Solstice Dream”

As part of an art experiment, I recently made very short video from footage taken on Dec 21, the Winter Solstice in Japan. Watch on YouTube at this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPgS3EH0Bxw

A documentary photographer in Tokyo made a video of at the opening reception including an interview at my exhibition June 4, 2012 at The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
Watch on YouTube at this link.

**Video by AGENCY MH - Martin Hladik, his website is

One of my most popular pinhole images "Spring Sunset", is being used in a new condominium's model room in Tokyo covering a whole wall as wallpaper 4.6 x 2.3 meter (15x7.5 feet) in size! Put up in September it will remain there throughout the spring.

Japanese access to the model room


Above photo copyright + courtesy MEC Design

My photo exhibition in Kyoto has finished. Thanks to those who came or supported from afar. I posted photos of the show at this link. Hoping for a chance to show these works elsewhere in Japan or abroad in the future.

Photo Exhibition of Newest Series and Lecture in Kyoto! FINISHED!

Edward Levinson Photo Exhibition
Selections from the “Mind Games” series

Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa 1st Floor Gallery
2012 August 31 - Sept 13,

Edward Levinson kyoto_2012_001

DM Flyer Here
Access English

Small Exhibition in Tateyama City Chiba-ken
Aug. 20 - Sept 10


This is a framing shop [Gallery HIROI] that has been handling my work for many years. Recently they have converted two walls into a mini gallery. I displayed 22 photo works and various books for sale. I showed works from the “Healing Landscapes” series.

New Solo Hill Garden video posted here

Special Homage to Hiroshima Aug, 6, 2012

The Pinhole Resource Collection which holds some of Edo’s pinhole photographs has been donated and become part of the “Palace of the Governors Photo Archives at the New Mexico History Museum.” There will be big exhibition of pinhole works from this collection in 2014 at the museum in Santa Fe. Some of my work will be in this show.
Read the news about the collection in English here.

Edward Levinson was on a NHK WORLD TV English language program June 26th 2012 Program title: "Journeys in Japan". For English click here for details.

Edward Levinson_2012_001


Edward Levinson Photo Exhibition

Edward_Levinson_Hungry Homeless001

Selections from the “Mind Games” series
 June 4 – July 6
th, 2012
at the
The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

16 photos in the Main Restaurant +Bar, 14 photos in the Masukomi Sushi Bar (more info in English here)




ENTRE DEUX Highlight Exhibition 2011-2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel Art Gallery.
Mikio HASUI / Muga MIYAHARA / Edward LEVINSON / Michel FRAPIER / Herbie YAMAGUCHI / Ichigo SUGAWARA / Masahiko TAKEDA
1 June (fri.) - 1 July (sun.) 2012 Edward had 4 pieces in this show.


) Group Pinhole Show in Higashikawa-cho Hiokkaido for PPAS Festival 2012

DM hokk_web

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsumami.
I made a trip to the Tohoku area in early April for a magazine story, shooting landscapes, and also visited four areas that were devastated by the tsunami and earthquake. One year after things are still messy and far from normal. Two black and white pinhole photos from Miyagi-ken Higashi Matsushima are below.

Photos from the disaster area in Miyagi Prefecture 宮

I posted some Photos from Chernobyl Area in Belarus, 1992 (26 years have passed!)
I still remember how beautiful the land and people are.

In 2012, I did a Worldwide Pinhole Day Workshop again sponsored by Roonee 247 Photography in Tokyo!
April 28 -29th. You can view
my photo here. And you can view the workshop’s group photos together here. Participants photos will be added gradually unit May 31st



My new color works are featured on the website gallery of Tokyo-GA, a project of 100 Photographers images of Tokyo.

It’s been one year since the publishing of my essay book in Japanese:
I am now working on the manuscript submission for an English reading audience. Wish me luck. Inquiries welcome.
Working tittle “Adventures in Paradise” - A Spiritual Memoir of a Life in Japan ( Japanese title “My Way of Planting”)

Spring Seasonal haiku from the book.
Spring buds…       春の芽や
clinched fists waiting  閉じて 待つ拳
to break open       こじ開けよ  

Haru no meya, Tojite matsu kobushi, Kojiake yo

Spring morning           春の朝
small bird dances at window   窓辺で踊る小鳥
calling me to play     「きみ遊ぼう」

Haru no asa, Madobe de odoru kotori, " Kimi asobou" 

More info here IN JAPANESE 詳しくはこちへ


Click here for a series of photos in remembrance of the Japanese disaster March 11, 2011

The above photo was taken at the Peace Park Memorial in Hiroshima on the site where the atomic bomb fell. The small statue in the sky is dedicated to the young girl Sadako, who became a symbol for peace. Sadako had leukemia from the radiation and set a goal of making1000 paper cranes believing that would make her better. She died before her wish came true, but making the paper cranes for peace  become a tradition around the world. Japanese school children pay homage to her at the Peace Park.


 More Past Edward Levinson Photo Exhibition Info!

Tokyo Writer, Tom Baker, wrote about my new pinhole works on display in Ginza and my photo book "Timescapes Japan" in English on his blog -
check it out

Recently Finished Shows :

Edo in Group Show in Chiba City
Session in Mutsu Edo had four pieces in the show.
May 11-18th
May 12 concert from 5pm. Edo and friends did a 40 minute set with six songs.
EDOvocal + autoharp, Ueda Masuo -mandolin + vocal, Yamashita Michio guitar
Japanese card here

EIZO Galleria Ginza
Photos of the gallery show here.会場風景の写真こちらへ


EIZO Galleria Ginza Tokyo: 2012, 2/21-3/3 Solo show
“Mind Games” Volume 2 - 19 pieces from my new series were shown. Part 1 shown in the Fall was well received.

Artist Talk: was held on Feb 25th.
For more info in English see

LINK for LARGE DM card

In addition to 19 photographs on the wall, there were three slide shows running on Eizo monitors.
1. About my photo life and various books.
2. Selected black and white works from my book
“Timescapes Japan” and other series.
3. Photos from Mind Games Vol. 1

Fine Photo Gallery ENTRE DEUX at Four Seasons Hotel & Chinzan-so, Tokyo:
2011/12/28 - 2012/1/31 FINISHED!
Solo exhibition: “Japan, My Beloved Country”
Selected works from the Healing Landscapes and Sacred Japan series.

Talk session with Curator Ms. Naoko Ohta and Edo was held Jan. 20 and Jan 25,
Photos of the gallery show here.
Click here for DM invitation.
Access http://www.chinzanso.com/english/access.html
Exhibition Curated by Klee Inc Paris Tokyo


Tokyo Ga at Gallery 21, Odaiba,Tokyo 12/3 - 2012/1/29, invitational group show. Four pieces were in this show.
"People Living in Tokyo, Their Rhythm and Harmony"


Gallery E+M, Monochrome Self Portrait Group Show – Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
2011/12/21-2012/1/21 (12/26-1/10休館)

“Mind Games”, Crossroad Gallery, Tokyo: 11/29-12/ 11, sponsored solo show of new color pinhole collage work. 27 images were shownclick here for the DM leaflet
Comments about the show
Photos of the gallery show here.

=============Older Posts=============

Group Show in Narita City: 10/23 -11/3 @ Gallery Umi. I had six small landscape pieces in this show as an "invited artist".

Save the Children Charity Show:  Richmond Virginia @ Glave Kocen gallery 10/28-29. 
I showed one triptych piece from the Silhouette Stories series in this invitational show.
Here is the link for the flyer

New Movie posted. See the new Movie Page.

Watch My Pinhole Sampler Movie @ YouTube!
This movie is a sampler of 26 photos from my award winning book "Timescapes Japan - A Pinhole Journey" published in 2006. Signed and inscribed copies of the book are available by ordering on my book page. Makes a nice present.

I participated in the 2nd Kozuka Art Festival, in the mountains of Kamogawa showing16 black and white pinhole images from the Healing Landscapes series. I did a talk about my photographs and books on August 13 at 2 pm.

Edo is featured in a Sony Japanese website teaching pinhole photography as a summer vacation project. Text in Japanese, but lots of photos and illustrations so take a look.

Visit the Edo Photos Gallery (by appointment only) Please use the contact form.

-2011 年写真展

Gallery 21, Tokyo, Two Man Show
5-18 - 6-26日 with fellow Pinhole artist Yasu Suzuka
“Origins of Japan”
Curated by Naoko Ohta,  KLEE INC PARIS TOKYO

DM here
Info in Japanese here
Pictures of the gallery show here

Also see older English News ARCHIVE here
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