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Edward Levinson Photo Exhibition at Art Gallery M84 Tokyo:
"Whisper of the Land"


Featuring 40 gelatin silver prints from my pinhole series. Classic images from the past, plus a selection of new works.

PLACE: Art Gallery M84
〒 104-0061Tokyo Chuo-ku, Ginza 4-11-3, Window Ginza Bldg, 5F (in Higashi-Ginza behind Kabukiza Theater) TEL:03-3248-8454
April 27 - May 23. Opening Reception April 27 from 6PM
OPEN 10:3018:30until 17:00 last dayClosed Sundays. Admission free.
Artist Talk: 5月9日3pm (mostly in Japanese with English as necessary)

© Edward Levinson

Click here to get a downloadable DM file for printing out.

Gallery Website
Art Gallery M84

Artist's Statement: "Whisper of the Land"

After some years away from cameras, I started taking photos again in 1985, thirty years ago. I was looking for images to illustrate a book called Nature Meditations. My method was (and still is) to let the camera be a bridge between what I saw with the eyes and what I felt inside. In 1993, I started photographing with analog pinhole cameras, continuously adding images to what became the Healing Landscapes series. The simplicity of pinhole cameras facilitated this connecting of the inner and outer worlds.
At the same time I have always been attracted to the sacred, whether famous places or just some spot that felt special. The light of “enlightened moments” is found not only in the forests and mountains, temples and shrines, but also in reflections, shadows, and patterns in everyday surroundings. This show blends some of my early works together with newer images shown for the first time. As I move forward, my way of using the bridge may change, but the source of inspiration flowing around it is remains the same.

Edward Levinson 2015

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